I just wanted to take some time to thank you for all your help.  The two tap setup that I ordered from you to convert my fridge to a kegerator is awesome.  As we discussed when we talked I wanted to get it going prior to the Superbowl.  As you promised it was up and running and was a huge success at my party.  I was able to have a selection of micros on tap for all of my guest, and they enjoyed it immensely.  I was thoroughly impressed with how you run your business.  You not only got me the needed equipment, but talked me through the install.  The equipment I received was of extremely high quality, and worked even better than I expected.  The small issue we had with the one missing item from the first shipment was promptly addressed and corrected.  I felt as if I was your only customer you were dealing with, and felt important.  It is refreshing to receive such a high level of customer service, in a world that seems to have forgotten this key point in business.  You have a loyal customer that is actively singing your praises to my friends and relatives.  I am sure you will get a few more customers from my personal endorsement.  As long as you keep up the high level of service and quality I am sure your business will continue to thrive and grow.Keep up the great work.
-Mike G.



Hey Ryan, I just wanted to write you back to tell you that you guys do a great job. I’ve ordered a few things in the past off the internet and I’ve never got as good customer service as you guys have given me. A lot of other sites wouldn’t of bothered to tell me they were out of stock and that they’d be getting some in on such and such day. They would of left me in the dark wondering and waiting. They also wouldn’t of taken the time to give me the tracking info either. You guys are just awesome! I hope your site does great. I was looking specifically for these type of bongs when I came across your site and I really didn’t take much time to browse the whole site. I’m definitely gonna go back and see if there might be something else I might be interested in. You can also count on me tell all my friends about your great site and your great customer service. Good luck guys and have a Happy Holidays. I’ll be drinking one to ya on New Years Eve.Thanks again.

-Gregg S.