twelve-pack-lgImagine taking a shot of your favorite liquor, now imagine the glass you just drank out of what made from your favorite fruit juice, mixer, or gelatin.  That’s now possible with these ice shot molds!  These molds are a plastic cup (with top) designed to mold the liquid contents into the shape of a shot glass in just a few easy steps.  These ice shot molds have eliminated the bite of a hard shooter with its radical new edible shot glass.  This chilling new experience will change the way you take shots forever!


Ice Shots give the spirits a chilling taste experience and smoothness to be remembered!  Ice Shots can be frozen with a variety of mixers, and served with endless possibilities of alcoholic combinations.  Try mixing different fruit juices for colorful and tasty potions!  Don’t be afraid to experiment.


“It’s not the drink that’s new…it’s the way you serve it!”


How Do They Work?

step-oneSTEP 1:  Fill mold with your favorite mixer, fruit juice, or gelatine…leaving enough space for the cap of the mold to ease onto the shot glass.
step-twoSTEP 2:  Once your mixer is poured, press the blue top on and place the mold upright in freezer or refrigerator if using gelatine.
step-threeSTEP 3:  Wait until for until gelatine solidifies.  Then remove shot glasses from freezer/refrigerator, rinse with cold water, and twist top off.
step-fourSTEP 4:  Leave the mixture or gelatine in the shot glass, pour your favorite drink, and serve.

What Can You Do With Your Ice Shots?


  • Great to toast with!
  • Break the “ice” at any party as a fun conversation piece
  • Surprise your guests with a chilling experience
  • Excellent for gelatine shots
  • Color your ice shots for holiday occasions
  • Serve with dessert for an edible delight


Order One Below Today!


The Original 6-Pack Ice Shot is packaged in an attractive 6-sided cylinder.  Each 6-Pack includes 6 shot glass molds, and 1 informative brochure with usage instructions and recipes.  C’mon this is your chance to try the first edible shot glass at the killer value of only $4.95.

six-pack-cyl-lg6 Pack Cylinder



The Ice Shot 12-Pack is just the right size for your next party.  It includes 12 shot glass molds, and a freezer tray that holds all 12 molds.  The 12-Pack provides convenient freezer stacking and storage.  It’s a perfect gift at only $12.95.  Order one for yourself, and a couple for your friends!



ONLY $12.95


For all those crazy and wild themed parties, the Party Pack is THE party accessory.  Great for house parties or any other large gathering.  This ice shot Party Pack is the perfect size for most home bars, and will insure you always have plenty of frozen cups in all of your favorite flavors.  The Party Pack includes 20 shot glass molds, and a freezer tray to hold all 20 molds.  At only $19.95, the Party Pack is a terrific value!



ONLY $19.95