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beer-bong-meHey everyone, I’m not only the owner, I’m also a client.  That’s a pic of me getting ready for a Warriors game.  I love cool beer stuff just like you, and I hope it shows here on my site.


It all started around February of 1995. My Father and I decided we were going to try and brew a batch of homemade beer. We went to a cool homebrew place that was actually a bar.  You could go in there and try some of their beers on tap. If you found one you liked, you could go in the back and brew up a batch for yourself.  It’s was pretty sweet!


We decide to make up a batch of their Pale Ale. This was our first experience with the whole beer making process. We had a killer time boiling the wort, adding all of the grains, malt, and hops. Neither of us really knew much about how beer was actually made, so it was a great learning experience for both of us.


Once we were finished brewing our beer, it was time for it to ferment. So we left the beer there for about two weeks, and then came back with our beer labels ready to start bottling our creation.  Since my last name is Bevers, we came up with some various labels entitled “Beaver Brew.”  There we were filling up all of the 70+ twenty ounce bottles, and glueing on all of the labels. All the while, trying not to spill much of our tasty beverage. After many samplings, we finally had all of our beer bottled and capped and ready to take home.


We had a awesome time making our first batch of beer, and definitely wanted to do it again. The only problem with this homebrew beer shop was that a 5 gallon batch of beer ended up costing around $125. We thought that was a little steep.  It was right around Christmas time, so my Dad and I decided to go in together on our own homebrewing equipment so we could start brewing beer on our own from home.  Ingredients kits for a 5 gallon batch of beer are pretty cheap ($30-$50) once you have all of your own equipment.


We went down to the local home brew supply shop and purchased all of the equipment. We were like two kids in a candy shop!!  About $500 dollars later, we had everything we needed to make our second batch of beer from home. You should have seen the look on my Mom’s face when my Dad and I showed up with all of our new toys!  My buddies, Olin and Chris, can set you up with everything you would need if you have ever wanted to try it….homebrew equipment, beer ingredients kits.


We wasted no time trying to make our second batch of beer. The weather did not want to cooperate with us that day though.  It was raining and there was thunder and lightning.  It even hailed on us for a while.  I’ll tell you though, you never saw two happier guys staring at a pot of boiling water!  We were able to finish the batch with no major problems, and now the beer was ready to ferment.


After two weeks, the beer was ready.  Instead of bottling this batch, we decided it would be much easier to keg the beer.  With kegs though, you needed something big enough to keep the kegs cold and a way to pour the beer from the kegs.  I donated my old college refrigerator to the cause.  We were able to get two 5 gallon kegs in there with a 5 lb C02 tank.  We drilled two holes on the side for the beer faucets and added a couple tap handles.  It turned out awesome!  You can check out some detailed directions HERE on how to do this yourself with your own fridge.


When I finally moved out on my own, I needed my own refrigerator to pour my own beers.  I didn’t want a stand up refrigerator that would only allow me to chill down two 5 gallon kegs.  I wanted options!  I wanted, at least, 5 beers on tap at my house at all times.  It was right around this time that I came up with the TrewBrew Kegerator.  I took a lay down freezer from Sears, and bought a refrigerator conversion kit for it.  This allows you to basically warm up a freezer so you can use it like a normal fridge and not freeze the beer.  This was the bachelor pad version.


After I moved out of the bachelor pad and got married, I made some big time improvements to my kegerator, and built this killer cabinet around it from scratch.  Here is a pic of pretty much one of the coolest things you will ever see…My Ultimate Kegerator!



I won the “Best Custom Kegerator Contest” for North America in 2008. Here are some other pics: fridge drawer, inside, and pint glass display. The freezer slides out just like a drawer so that I am able to open the lid of the freezer to swap out the kegs. I had been collecting pint glasses for years, so the pint glass display on the right side of the kegerator was a perfect addition and really pulled the whole creation together.  There is storage under the pint glasses where my 20lb CO2 tank lives.


I was getting so many awesome reactions from people who saw it for the first time that I decide that I should sell these to beer lovers everywhere.  I originally planned just to build a website about the TrewBrew Kegerator, but I started thinking that if someone was interested in my kegerator, then they might also be interested in some beer bongs. And if they were interested in beer bongs, then they might also like some beer handles. I started thinking of all these things that a beer lover might like to purchase, and the site just kept growing and growing into what eventually became TheBeerMall.com.  It’s funny as this whole website came about because of my TrewBrew Kegerator, yet I don’t even sell those anymore.


After many years of running TheBeerMall.com and dealing with numerous suppliers and drop shippers, I eventually decided to narrow my product choices and focus in on my top sellers.  From that decision, BeerDisguise.com was born, and it is now the streamlined version of what used to be TheBeerMall.com.


Please take a look around.  I look forward to hearing from you in the future.


Take care, and Happy Drinking!
Ryan Bevers

Here’s a pic of me and the fam…me (Ryan), Annette (my wife), and my two kids…Brayden and Marisa.